Berkeley, CA :: March 1968
Nikkormat :: Anscochrome

First thing I noticed when I got to Berkeley was distance. I had become so two-dimensional living in New York City .. the concept of distance was measured only in blocks, or how far it was across the street. Everything was at arm’s length, and claustrophobic. In Berkeley,  especially at this spot (Bancroft and Telegraph), you could look up towards the hills, and there were houses on hills … so three-dimensional. I remember being fascinated, looking at the hill, and the houses, and realizing how limited my city vision had become. Here was distance! Topograhy.

Over the years my eyes definitely changed.

This image is one of my very first Berkeley pictures. It’s just a snapshot. I was feeling very much an outsider, nervous, and still shy about pointing my lens at people. But this image is still very much in my mind. And every time I  go by this corner, at the edge of the University campus, I am still fascinated  .. that hill, it’s still there. Same distance.

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