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Disneyland 9/2012

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Change of Plans

So here’s some news. Last week I quit my job. From now on I’ll be working as a freelance, independent tech writer/editor, web designer/photographer etc. Here’s my datasheet.

After some 47 years working full-time as an employee, it will take some effort getting my mind around the concept. Yesterday I deposited my last regular paycheck.

So we’re taking the rest of the month off to let it sink in, flush out the bad thoughts, and celebrate a few weeks of unstructured time before starting some new projects.

It’s a big transition, long overdue.



 First game of the season at AT&T Park in S.F. The Giants vs Oakland A’s.

It got quite cold after the sun went down (night game started at 7:15pm).

But the Giants won: 4 to 3. Ex Yankee Hideki Matsui, now on the A’s, made an appearance as the last Oakland batter. He flied out.  Then everyone ran home to get warm.
We were in the bleachers. Everyone had a good time!

Go Giants! Go A’s.

It’s Been Awhile

WinterClearly, it’s been awhile since I last posted here. We’ve been hibernating.

I’m not fond of this time of year. As a child, it was the time to be snowed in, confined. Getting out was a major effort. Shut in, we were easily bored, dreaming of summer.

Weather’s been rough too, altho we really can’t complain. No snow here. Just rain. And dark clouds. It’s cold, relatively speaking. Best stay home.

It’s also a time to ruminate, whether or not you want to. It seems to take over. End of the year: a time to account for it. I guess that’s the price you pay when the start of your own personal year coincides with the start of the calendar year. Each new year is a New Year.

As far as this blog goes, I’ve realized I really don’t have much to say. I’ve become much more private. I shun Facebook and Twitter. No, I don’t want people to know what I’m doing Now, and Now, and Now. Ultimately, who cares… really?  Just leave me alone.

Still, there’s lots going on.

The radio program is still a joy to produce every week. I’m constantly being exposed to new and wonderful sounds and composers from around the world, and am looking forward to the Other Minds 16 Festival in March.

And lots of new photographs on my website and on Flickr, including some new scans of pictures of Berkeley and Oakland in the 70′s.

I did read some really interesting books:

and a couple of others I can’t remember.

Maybe the rest will come to me after this hibernation period. Sometime in February, perhaps.

We’ll see.

Have a nice holiday, wherever it takes you.

A Brief Vacation

Sea Ranch - August 2010


Back from a week at Sea Ranch, about 120 miles north of San Francisco on the coast. Took a bevy of pictures, in spite of the fog and overcast. Check All I’ve Seen for more images, added daily.



Help KALW!

 KALW, the local NPR radio station in San Francisco that hosts our Music From Other Minds weekly new music program, really needs your financial support right now. This goes especially for those out-of-towners that listen to these programs over the internet. KALW is one of the finest local public radio stations around. And right now they need all the support they can muster. It’s been struggle for them for years. And unlike some of the big NPR stations in the area, the staff is extremely small, and mostly volunteer. But today’s economy makes maintaining alternative voices like KALW a continual struggle. They need your support. CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT KALW!  And mention Music From Other Minds in the comments field! THANKS!


We’re Back

In case you were wondering, was down for over 24 hours starting yesterday morning. This was due to a major upgrade in service, so things should be going much smoother at from now on.

Still working out the kinks. But if you find anything not working properly, leave me a comment.

Forty Years Later…

 I took this photo in October, 1970. I’d moved to Berkeley two years earlier, but came back for a visit. At that point I was unsure if I would be staying in California. I missed New York to some extent. I didn’t miss Winter, or Summer. Berkeley seemed an eternal Spring. But it lacked the intensity of New York… something I eventually learned to live without. Intensity is bad for the arteries.

Anyway, this image has become somewhat iconic. It’s been reproduced on a number of “New York in the 60′s and 70′s” websites, and I’ve sold quite a number of prints thru my “agent” in New York. But a few weeks ago I got one of those emails that sets you back a few feet.   Lisa wrote to tell me that she knew some of the people in that photo, and that they were all talking about it on Facebook!


Yes, those people in the picture all have names. A couple of them were friends, on their way somewhere, talking about something important, or not, and just then I snapped a shutter and this quite random moment was captured, but long forgotten by them all. Until recently when the image resurfaced in the webosphere. And now those people in the picture are talking to each other about this quite random moment.

I was standing on one of my favorite corners in the Village. Village Cigars was where I bought my, GauloisesGitanes and Schimmelpennincks. And behind me would have been The Paperback Gallery, a great bookstore long gone. This was the entrance to the “West Village” with it’s cobblestone streets (long gone) and narrow early 19thC four-storey walkups.

I, of course, know none of these people. At least not yet. Now, some forty years later, I might just learn their names, and find out what they were doing on that corner on a cloudy afternoon in October. Still, it’s pretty amazing to think about, and so much has happened since. And now we’re all old people!

(PS: It’s also been pointed out that if you look really closely in the far distance above the roofs, you can just barely make out the construction of the first World Trade Center tower. )

The Oracle

 San Francisco Oracle 1966-68

Long before there was an Oracle Corporation, there was The San Francisco Oracle, a visonary and colorful newspaper distributed on the streets of San Francisco and Berkeley, and New York City. And it was in NYC that I saw my very first copy in 1966, and then again in SF on a trip.

I’d never seen anything like it before. The size was like the Village Voice, but it was in brilliant color and graphics.

The San Francisco Oracle, published in the Haight Ashbury from 1966 to 1968, was one of the most unique and beautiful publications of the ’60s. It is remembered for its extraordinary graphic design by major San Francisco artists, its rainbow colors and the cultural explorations and breakthroughs in its articles, interviews and poetry.”  »Regent Press.

In my mind, The Oracle defined what was happening in San Francisco, which was so different from what was happening in New York City in 1966.

It was one of many things that ultimately led me to move to Berkeley in 1968.

Odd to think that now, 42 years later, I’d be moving from the Sun to the Oracle.

I doubt if the naming of the database company had anything to do with the mythic newspaper of the same name. But it is something to contemplate….

Phew! That Was Close!

sunripsmall.jpgAs some of you may be aware, I’ve been a bit preoccupied over the viability of my day job. This week my employer was acquired by a much larger company, and we’ve all been sweating the details. Suffice it to say that today I found out that I am fortunate to have a job in the new company, which hopefully will mean a good stretch of years coming without hearing the word “layoffs” ever again. Well, we can hope.

The emotional and  psychological toll on all workers faced with these events is awful, especially when they drag on for 9 months! And losing so many good people is almost as hard to deal with as a death in the family.

Certainly I’m glad to know that I’m secure in my job going forward. But it is tinged with the pain of knowing what some of my ex-colleagues are now facing.

I only hope that for them this period of limbo is brief.

And, now maybe I can turn my mind back to more interesting things!



Dankgesang – For The New Year To Come

The song of holy thanks on recovering good health, in the Lydian mode, from Beethoven’s A minor quartet, #15, opus 132 (1825). At the time LvB was completely deaf, and could hear only his own imagination.

I put this here as a source for contemplation on the year ending, and the year to be. May we all recover good health in 2010.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

It’s Hibernation Time

I’m finding it harder and hard to find things to blog about. At least just now. This is the part of the year I tend to hibernate .. roll the rock in front of the opening and move to the back of the cave.

Maybe I’ll think of something, but don’t expect much for a few weeks, ’til the whole thing blows over and the sun returns.

Season’s greeting.

They’re Back!

A Yankee since birth -- me in 1955, age 11

A few years ago the last time the Yankess were in the
playoffs — and LOST to Cleveland — I said I was giving up on them
after a lifetime of being a Yankee. Come on,
I was BORN in the Bronx after all.

But tonight all is forgiven!
The Yankees won the Pennant (as we used to call it)
and are going to the Series on Wednesday!

Truly, once a Yankee,
always a Yankee.

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Richard Friedman lives in Oakland, CA, is a freelance tech writer/editor, web designer, photographer, is a Director of Other Minds, wrote his first computer program in 1962 for the IBM 650. It played dice. He is also a ham radio (AG6RF) operator, and he also takes a lot of photographs, composes music, and does a weekly radio program on KALW called Music From Other Minds.
He is not Kinky.

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