Housatonic at Cornwall Bridge

Housatonic at Cornwall Bridge

Housatonic River, Western Connecticut
October 2009 :: Nikon D80

I’ve always wanted to see the Housatonic. The third of Charles Ives’ Three Places in New England is titled The Housatonic at Stockbridge   -  well, Stockbridge is in the Berkshires (MA), and all we got to see was The Housatonic at Corwall Bridge.

This piece was inspired by a walk that Ives took with his newly-married wife, Harmony, in June 1908. Their honeymoon had been a hiking trip in western Massachusetts and Connecticut. They enjoyed the experience so much that they chose to go back to the Berkshires the very next weekend. Whilst there they took a walk by the Housatonic River near Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Ives recalled:

“We walked in the meadows along the river, and heard the distant singing from the church across the river. The mist had not entirely left the river bed, and the colors, the running water, the banks and elm trees were something that one would always remember.”


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