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316r :: 29 September 2017 :: Rzewski’s “People…”

On Friday’s program, a rebroadcast of an episode from 2012: Dennis Aman presents Frederic Rzewski’s classic piano cycle: 

 Vanguard OVC 8056

“The People United Will Never Be Defeated!”

El Pueblo Unido Jamás Será Vencido performed by Quilapayun (excerpt)
From their album, “A Palau” EMI 594997.Bandiera Rossa by Salsomaggiore Terme Band and Choir  (excerpt)
Ala Bianca ABR 128554024-2.Hanns Eisler: Solidaritätslied performed by Eric Bentley  (excerpt)
Smithsonian/Folkways FW05433.

Frederic Rzewski:  36 Variations on “The People United Will Never Be Defeated!” 
(“¡El Pueblo Unido Jamás Será Vencido!“) by Sergio Ortega and Quilapayun.
Performed by Ursula Oppens, piano.    Vanguard Classics OVC 8056.

“The People United” is a series of 6 cycles, each of which consists of 6 stages, in which different musical relationships appear in order: (1) simple events; (2) rhythms; (3) melodies; (4) counterpoints; (5) harmonies; (6) combinations of all these. Each of the larger cycles develops a character suggested by the individual stage to which it corresponds, so that the third cycle is lyrical, the fourth tends toward conflict, the fifth toward simultaneity (the fifth is also the freest), and the sixth recapitulates, in such a way that the first stage is a summary of all of the preceding first stages, the second a summary of the second stages, and so on. Two songs, aside from the theme itself, appear at various points: the Italian revolutionary song “Bandiera Rossa”, in reference to the Italian people who in the seventies opened their doors to so many refugees from Chilean fascism, and Hanns Eisler’s 1932 antifascist “Solidaritätslied”, a reminder that parallels to present threats exist in the past and that it is important to learn from them. After the sixth cycle the pianist is offered the option of improvising a cadenza. 
–Frederic Rzewski

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433r :: 10 April 2015 :: 4’33” And Composing In Other People’s Minds

A rebroadcast of our 433rd episode, Danny Clay gives a shout out to Cage, his friends, and an unassuming piece of silence.


John Cage
Imaginary Landscape No. 4 
Maelstrom Percussion Ensemble; Jan Williams, conductor.
hatART CD 6179

Earle Brown
David Arden, piano.
New Albion NA082

Morton Feldman
Extensions 3
Philipp Vandré, piano.
Mode 66

Lou Harrison
Praises for the Beauty of Hummingbirds
Tammittam Percussion Ensemble
Dynamic cds 400

Christian Wolff
For Piano I ; For Prepared Piano
Philip Thomas, piano.
Sub Rosa SR 389

John Cage 
Concerto for Prepared Piano and Chamber Orchestra
Margaret Leng Tan, Prepared Piano; American Composers Orchestra; Dennis Russell Davies, conductor.
ECM 1696 


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417r :: 15 September 2017 :: Four Composers/Works/Nationalities

On tonight’s program, Dennis Aman presents four composers from around the world:

Schönberg Ensemble, Reinbert de Leeuw, conductor.
Philips 454231-2
Unsuk Chin: Double Concerto
Ensemble InterContemportain
Kairos 0013062
Andy Vores: On Site Remix
Lynn Torgove, mezzo-soprano.
Louis Andriessen: Passeggiata In Tram In America E Ritorno
Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Cristina Zavalloni, mezzo-soprano; Gil Rose, conductor.
BMOP/sound 1011

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461r :: 8 Sep 2017 :: Subotnick, Sommerfeldt, Gatonska

This week, a rebroadcast where Danny Clay plays works by Subtonic, Sommerfeld, and Gatonska


Morton Subotnick
Music For The Double Life Of Amphibions

Jerod Sommerfeldt
Air Ascent: Caccia & Passacaglia

Michael Gatonska
New World Records 


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303r :: 1 September 2017 :: Simeon ten Holt

Richard Friedman presents part of a three-hour work for four pianos by the 89 year-old Dutch composer Simeon ten Holt.

Simeon ten Holt was born in Northern Holland in 1923. Sometime in the late 1950’s, after a traditional modernist career, he broke ranks and surprised audiences with a forceful return to tonality, but tonality in a very unconventional way.

Much of ten Holt’s music is for multiple pianos, repeating and overlapping structures, turning  performances into social processes of extraordinary proportions and indeterminate length.

Lemniscaat, for four pianos, was completed in 1983. We will hear a live performance recorded in 1988 in Utrecht, episodes five thru fourteen, and recently re-released in an 11 CD boxed set of ten Holt’s music. Composers Voice CV-145

Simeon ten Holt 1923-2012


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498 :: 25 August 2017 :: Pärt and Wohl

This week,  Dennis Aman plays Arvo Pärt and several works by Daniel Wohl

Daniel Wohl_

Arvo Pärt
Berliner Messe
Byrd Ensemble
Scribe Records

Daniel Wohl
Cantus – 323 – Neighborhood – Limbs
Daniel Wohl, electronics
New Amsterdam NWAM 073

Daniel Wohl
Daniel Wohl, electronics
New Amsterdam NWAM 048


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Summer Break :: June 16 – August 18, 2017

While Music From Other Minds is on vacation, we will rebroadcast some of our programs from last year. Our next new program will be August 25, 2017.

June 16 – #490 – Two New from Cold Blue
June 23 – #491 – David Toub and Žibuoklė Martinaitytė
June 30 – #492 – Kraanerg
July 7 – #493 – 20th Century Electronic Music
July 14 – #494 – Choral Music
July 21 – #497 – New Keys (2)
July 28 – #486 – Acromusical and Symphony Number One
August 4 – #476 – Hypnagogia
August 11 – #364 – Highlands
August 18 – #376 – ppp…


Hope you have a great Summer. Please continue to support KALW!

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459r :: 9 June 2017 :: Raven Chacon, Postcommodity, and Dan Gottwald

This week, a rebroadcast of an episode where Dennis Aman previews the September 7th Raven Chacon show at the David Brower Center and more. For additional details about Raven Chacon’s concert, please visit Other Minds.


Raven Chacon
Double Weaving
Ethel Quartet
Independent Release

Raven Chacon
Yellowface Song
Raven Chacon, electronics
Independent Release

 – Dia Del Cabron
 – Cracked Earth And Anthills
 – I Pray For Your Return Like I Pray For Ash To Turn To Become Snow
 – Lumbre Del Cabron
Postcommodity with Marc Sabat, Violin; Nico Dann, Percussion; 
   Cecilia Bercovich, Viola; Achiya Asher Cohen Alloro, Piano; 
   Aaron Bannerman, Trumpet; Dory Hayler and Ilana Dann, Voice.
Pcp #2 / SickSickSick Sssk#64

Dan Gottwald
The Arboreal Suite (excerpt)
Fluid Pump Gong, Lisa Lorenzo; Ears of Perception and Discernment, James Bixler; 
   Ancillary Life Chatter Pad, Astara Mills; Vibration Transfer Engine, Lauren Hawk; 
   Staff of the Upward and Inward, Dan Gottwald; Bowl of Moments, Elana Schwartz; 
   Synthesis Lung, Beth Yip; Receiving Gong, Brandon Bryant; 
   Bowed Bough, David Hevener; Bell of the Shaking Leaves, Jenny Debouzek; 
   Minor Glacier, Time/Temperature.
Independent Release
   For more info on Dan Gottwald’s performance at the Tenderloin National Forest, click here.


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497 :: 02 June 2017 :: New Keys (2)

This week Joseph M. Colombo explored new works for keyboard instruments.

855cover a0300047906_10
a0795671923_10 a2272008955_10

Ellen Arkbro
For Organ and Brass
Johan Graden (organ), Elena Kakaliagou (horn),
Hilary Jeffery (trombone), and Robin Hayward (tuba)

James Tenney
Music for Player Piano

Larry Polansky
Piano Piece #5
Andrew Smith, Fender Rhodes

Dan Becker


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327r :: 26 May 2017 :: Time Does Not Exist

On tonight’s program, Richard Friedman offers music by three composers who maintained a close relationship with Conlon Nancarrow (who would have been 100 in October).

 Kyle Gann  Peter Garland  Jim Tenney

Kyle Gann: Time Does Not Exist – Sarah Cahill, piano – New Albion NA137 (2007)
Peter Garland: String Quartet #1 “In Praise of Poor Scholars” – Apartment House Ensemble – Cold Blue CB031 (2009)
James Tenney: Ergodos II with Instrumental Responses (1964) – Marc Sabat, violin + tape – Hat(now)ART 120 (1999)


Kyle Gann is the author of The Music Of Conlon Nancarrow.

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