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A New Bookstore For Berkeley!

Later this week a new bookstore will be opening in Berkeley.This is good news after so many stores are closed and gone.Here’s the press release:

William Stout Books will open for business at 1605 Solano Avenue (at the corner of Tacoma) in Berkeley on September 15th.

William Stout Architectural Books, a venerable San Francisco institution for 35 years, is opening a new branch in Berkeley. Expanding their scope, William Stout Books on Solano Avenue will specialize in new, used, and out-of-print architecture, photography, fine arts, landscape design books, and the decorative arts.

Matthew Swiezynski, longtime staff member at the San Francisco shop, will become the manager of the new location.William Stout is a recognized authority on rare architectural books and related ephemeral material. In addition to his two book shops in San Francisco, for past 15 years he has published architectural, design and landscape design books through his publishing company William Stout Publishers, located in Richmond, CA. William Stout Publishers, has co-published with The Environmental Design Archives at UC-Berkeley and other major universities.

Recognizing the vibrant book community in the East Bay, William Stout Books will add yet another dimension to the Berkeley book scene.

See also »Berkeleyside article 

My Photo On The Cover

Martin: Confessions of Edward Day

Now this is really exciting!

One of my New York in the 60′s photo appears on the cover of a mystery novel by Valerie Martin (paperback edition) published by Vintage/Random House, The Confessions of Edward Day.

(It will be available after July 13)

The image on top is 6th Avenue at 4th street in Greenwich Village in 1971.

The original is over here on my photo blog.

And yes, it’s legit .. they asked me, and I got paid.

Appropriately, the novel is set in the Village in the 70′s.

It seems that if  you do a photo search for images of the Village in the 60′s you eventually come upon my photo blog.

And as a result, some of my images have appeared in odd places, even a English language collection of essays for Danish high school students.

But this is the best. On the cover. Ok, half the cover. The lower half is not mine.

So while there still is a nostalgia for images from the 60′s and 70′s (I wish I had taken more pictures then), some of my more recent images have appeared on CD covers (Cold Blue, and New World Records), and other websites.

So All I’ve Seen is starting to pay off.

Update: I managed to read the book this weekend and it’s not bad. In fact, it’s a good read. It pretty well captures the vibe of the time, especially the world of off-broadway actors searching for work, living hand to mouth. It’s a love triangle, with an air of mystery about one of the characters. I came across a number of shady and mysterious characters myself in those days. Being mysterious was a common ploy. A good book, engaging, and well written. I say buy it.  

Bookstore Moves to Survive

One of my favorite bookstores, Elliot Bay Books in Seattle, is NOT closing (phew!). It’s just moving across town.

As we watch some iconic bookstores fail and close, it’s encouraging to hear that some are doing better than can be expected.

Here’s the whole story from the owner, Peter Aaron:

December 10, 2009

      After many weeks of speculation about the future of The Elliott Bay Book Company, I am now able to confirm that the book store will be moving to a new location on Capitol Hill in the spring of next year.

      The past two years have been a difficult, painful period of exploring and evaluating possibilities in an attempt to determine what would be best—and necessary—to ensure the long-term health and vitality of the store. And while the thought, and the practicalities, of moving from the site and the locale which have been home for the past 36 years are daunting to say the least, I am convinced that this upcoming relocation will afford us the best opportunity to remain, and further develop as a thriving enterprise….

Read the rest on the Elliot Bay Books website ->

We wish them the best of luck!


Colin McPhee’s 1947 memoir, A HOUSE IN BALI, long out of print, can be downloaded in full from the internet archive as a single PDF file.

This wonderful book is really worth reading.

The Resurrection of a Bookstore

Cody’s Reopens in Berkeley

Cody’s Books in Berkeley has been reborn!!

Having gone thru some really rough times, this independent and venerable Berkeley landmark has relocated to downtown Berkeley. The official reopening, under new management, was this afternoon.


This new spot, on the corner of Allston Way and Shattuck Avenue, is equally historic. Once the site of Edy’s soda fountain, and then an Eddie Bauer store, the upstairs floors were the offices and studios of radio station KPFA for many decades. (A place where I spent some of my own decades.)


A bit smaller than their previous location on Fourth Street (which they had to give up when the landlord significantly raised the rent), this new space on the corner is full of light, clean, and congenial. And, there’s a great spot for author readings and other events in the rear of the store.



This is a difficult time for all independent bookstores, especially stores like Cody’s that feature new books. So we congratulate the staff and new management for the commitment, hard work, and determination to carry the flame forward.


Bookstores are the cultural and intellectual heart of a community. Cody’s has been in Berkeley for more than fifty years. We have a good feeling about the new store. May it live long and prosper.

Come to Cody's

Unfortunate Update: Cody’s didn’t make it. It closed for good on June 20th. The dream couldn’t out run the phenomenal debt the new owners had to assume to keep the doors open. Eventually, strapped for cash and with all the publishers and distributors unwilling to extend any further credit, they were forced to shut down. This time it’s for good.


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