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I Know, I Know …. , What Do I Know?

yes, I haven’t posted much here in almost a year. Perhaps I run out of things to know.

However, you can find me at

I know, I know … I don’t know.

So what’s with this blog? Nothing new in months.

I think I’ve lost my appetite for blogging, at least for now.  It’s been hard to come up with verbiage. Work’s been hard. My brain seems to be on “idle”.

Suffice it to say that I have been reading. And this is good. Here’s some that I can recommend, if you’re interested:

Ok. That’s what I’ve been up to, in case anyone’s been wondering.

Future Uncertain at Serendipity Books

From the More Bad News Department:

Peter Howard

Future uncertain for Berkeley’s Serendipity Books

by Frances Dinkelspiel.

Peter B. Howard, the owner of Serendipity Books, has been collecting antique tomes for 47 years and the results of his diligence can be seen in the stacks and stacks of books at his store on University Avenue.

A world-renowned book collector who has rescued a number of valuable archives from the Berkeley city dump and gotten them preserved at university libraries, Howard estimates that he owns one million books. Half are crammed into his store, where the piles of books make it tough to move around, and half are stored in his warehouse.

But all that is about to change.Howard was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this year and he knows his time – and that of Serendipity Books — is short.  He is trying to sell his massive collection, as well as his business, but does not think it will be easy. He predicts that the store will probably close upon his death….

Read the rest at:

Update: Peter Howard passed away at home, watching the SF Giants Opening Day game, March 31st, 2011. 

Blogging, 70 Years Ago

Daily written personal diaries were pre-internet blogs of sorts. And some diaries are really worth reading.

Now you can read George Orwell’s daily diary entries from 70 years ago at


I dunno. I just haven’t been blogging lately. Seems like the urge comes and goes. And right now I must have blogging block.

And it’s summer, and summer’s nearly over.


Sensory overload. Too much coming in.

It’s times like this that I turn back to Henry Miller. I’ve been re-reading his non-fiction. It started with the Colossus of Maroussi, then Books In My Life, then the essays on writing. And now I’m back into the Big Sur book.

Miller is both infuriating and endearing at the same time.  And whenever things seem to get boring around here, I re-read Miller, “don’t ya know”.  And Miller is best read out loud, or at least under your breath lest some passerby might think you’ve gone nuts.

I’ve also devoured two Günther Grass books, his memoir Peeling the Onion, and My Century.  Both very good.

But it’s time to be quiet. So I’ll be, quiet.


I’m in the process of moving from one hosting service to another. The reasons for doing this are many.

So far it’s been a bit painful. But I’m proceeded bit by bit, literally.

So don’t worry if you see something strange happening. It will probably change later. But it’s been one big headache. I’ll explain when it’s all done.

We’re Done

Took two days of hacking with WordPress, but all three blogs are now running in their new editions:

All I Know 3All I’ve Seen 2 MFOM 2

Had to learn a bit about mySQL, PHP, CSS, and more. I also came across some limitations, but we can live with them for now. Still some tinkering needed. I’ll link the oldest entries “previous” link to the last entry of the previous edition. That should make the transition seamless. Lets just see how it goes.

Static vs Dynamic

So what’s the difference between Movable Type and WordPress?

Well, after playing around with WordPress in an attempt to replace my no-longer-working Movable Type blogging installation, I’ve found out what the biggest design difference between them is.

MT generates static web pages while WP is totally dynamic, generating the pages in your browser as you call for them.


Well, that means that should the database that runs a WP blog get corrupted you will never be able to view any of the pages on the site. But with MT, static web pages are regenerated only when you add a new entry to the blog. And these static pages can be saved even after the database goes south, as has happened with my MT blogs. The pages are all there for viewing. I just can’t add any new items.

Hmmm. What to do? Backing up a WP blog site means backing up the PHP software that generates the pages dynamically, as well as the mySQL database, and the templates and CSS files that define the look/feel of the site theme. But you can’t back up the web pages that WP generates on the fly. (Well, I guess you could do a Save As while viewing every page… not very efficient.) At least, I don’t think there’s a way to generate and save the pages WP generates statically. I need to investigate this further.

This may not be a problem for text blogs like this one. But it has stopped me trying to recreate my photo blog in WP.

So I may go back to MT for the photo blog by reinstalling the latest MT distro and creating a new mySQL database for it to use. I won’t be able to make the old photo blog come alive again because it’s database is hosed, apparently. But at least the static pages are all there still and the site is viewable. (All I’ve Seen). But I can start a “second edition” of the photo blog and link them together.

Stay tuned.

Welcome to the THIRD EDITION!

We’re starting this blog over again, for the third time.

First it was Pivot, then Movable Type. Now it’s WordPress.

Take a look at the list of all we said in the first two editions


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