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End of Year Inventory

Here is an inventory of everything Georges Perec ate or swallowed in the year 1965:

Nine beef broth, iced cucumber soup, a soup with mussels. Two sausages Guéméné a sausage jelly, Italian delicatessen, a sausage, four charcutailles a coppa, three pork, a figatelli, foie gras, a cheese head, brawn pork, five of Parma ham, eight block , one block duck, pate de foie gras, a pie, a pie grandmother, a block from thrush, six block Landes, four snout, a mousse of foie gras, pig’s foot, seven potted , a salami, two sausage, hot sausage, terrine of duck, terrine of chicken livers. A blini, a empanadas, a meat of Grisons. Three snails.

A Belon, three shells Saint-Jacques, a shrimp, a crisp shrimp, frying, two fried sandeels, a herring, two oysters, a mold, a stuffed mussels, a sea urchin, two dumplings au gratin, three pegs oil, five smoked salmon, a Tarama, a terrine of eel, six tuna, anchovy toast, a meal.

Four artichoke, an asparagus, eggplant, mushroom salad, fourteen cucumber salad, four cucumber cream, fourteen celery remoulade, two Chinese cabbage, a hearts of palm, eleven vegetable platter, two salads of green beans, thirteen melon, two salad nicoise, two dandelions with bacon, fourteen radish butter, three black radishes, five rice salad, Russian salad, seven tomato salad, an onion tart.

A chunk of Roquefort five croque-monsieur, three quiche Lorraine, a pie maroilles, yogurt with cucumbers and grapes, yogurt Romanian. A salad of harm to cakes and Roquefort.

An egg with anchovies, two boiled eggs, two poached eggs, a ham and eggs, an egg and bacon, an egg casserole with spinach, two eggs in jelly, two scrambled eggs, four omelet, a sort of omelet an omelet with bean sprouts, an omelette with trumpets of death, an omelette with duck skins, an omelet with goose confit, herbed omelette, omelette Parmentier.

Two smoked haddock, a wolf, a ray, a silk, a tuna.

A bib, three flank steak with shallots, ten steak, pepper steak two, three complete, a rump steak with mustard, five roast beef, two beef ribs, two cuts of beef, three grilled beef, two Chateaubriand, steak tartare, a roast beef, cold roast three, fourteen steak, three steak with marrow, netting three burger, new tab, a flagpole. Four pot au feu, a stew, a stew in jelly, a stew of beef, ox mode, a salt beef, a beef with string. A braised veal with noodles, sautéed veal, a veal chop, a veal chop shells, “a veal steak”, six steak, six cutlet Milanese, three scallop cream, a scallop with morel mushrooms, four stew calf. Five sausage, three sausage, blood sausage with apples, pork chops, two sauerkraut, sauerkraut, Nancy, a pork chop, eleven pair of Frankfurt, two grilled pork, seven feet of pigs, pig cold, three roast pork, roast pork with pineapple and banana, a sausage with beans. A lamb, lamb chop three, two lamb curry, twelve leg, a saddle of lamb. A mutton chop, a shoulder of mutton.

Five chicken, a skewer of chicken, lemon chicken, chicken casserole, two Basque chicken, three cold chicken, a stuffed chicken, chicken with chestnuts, chicken with herbs, two chicken jelly. Sept. chicken with rice, a boiled chicken.A chicken rice. Coq au riesling, three coq au vin, chicken in vinegar. A duck with olives, a duck. A stew of guinea fowl. A guinea fowl with cabbage, a guinea fowl with noodles.

Five rabbits, two rabbit stew, rabbit with noodles, cream the rabbit, three Ala mustard rabbit, a rabbit hunter, a rabbit with tarragon, a rabbit in Tours, three rabbit with prunes. Two rabbit with prunes. A hare in Alsace, a stew of rabbit, hare unecompote, a saddle of hare. A stew of pigeons. A skewer of kidneys, three skewers, a mixed grill, a kidney with mustard, a veal kidney, three calf’s head, eleven calf’s liver, a tongue of veal, sweetbreads sarladaises apples, a terrine of sweetbreads veal, lamb brains, two fresh goose liver with grapes, goose confit gizzards, two chicken livers. Twelve plates of cold meats, two cold cuts, cold buffet, two couscous, three “Chinese”, a moulakhia, pizza, pan bagnat, a tagine, six sandwiches, a ham sandwich, a sandwich with rillettes, three sandwich the Cantal.

A porcini, a flageolet, seven green beans, but one, mashed cauliflower, mashed spinach, fennel puree, two stuffed peppers, two fries, new potatoes au gratin, mashed potato four land, a runner-up apples, an apple baking a soufflé potatoes, a baked potatoes, a fried potatoes, four rice, wild rice.

Four pasta, three shells, a fettuccine with cream, macaroni gratin, a macaroni, noodles fifteen, three rigatoni, ravioli two, four spaghetti, tortellini one, five green tagliatelle. Thirty-five salad green, salad greens, salad cream Treviso, two endive salad.

Sixty-five cheeses, cheese from sheep, two Italian cheeses, cheese of the Auvergne, a Boursin, Brillat-Savarin two, eleven brie, a cabécou, four goats, two dung, eight pie, fifteen Cantal, a Sicilian cheese, a Sardinian cheese, a Epoisses, a Murols, three cheese, a goat cheese, nine fontainebleau five mozzarella, five Munster, a reblochon, a squeegee, a Stilton, a St.-Marcellin, a saint? nectary, yogurt .

A fruit, two cutters, a currant, orange, three “beggars”. A stuffed dates, a pears in syrup, three pears in wine, two peaches in wine, a vine peaches in syrup, peaches in a Sancerre, a Norman apple, a banana outbreaks. Four compote, two apple, two plums and rhubarb compote. Clafoutis five, four pear clafoutis. Figs in a syrup. Six fruit salad, tropical fruit salad, two orange salad, two salad of strawberries, raspberries and currants.

An apple pie, four pie, a pie hot, ten tart Tatin, seven pear tart, a pear tart tatin, lemon tart, apple pie and nuts, two apple pie, apple pie with meringue, a strawberry tart. Two pancakes. Charlotte two, three chocolate charlotte. Three baba. A custard. A galette. Nine chocolate mousse. Two floating island.Kugelhopf a blueberry. Four chocolate cake, cheese cake, two cake, orange cake Italian, Viennese cake, a Breton cake, a cheesecake, a vatrouchka.Three ice, lime sorbet, two guava sorbet, two pear sorbet, a chocolate profiteroles, raspberry melba, a pear Belle Helene.

Thirteen Beaujolais, Beaujolais Nouveau four, three Brouilly, seven chiroubles, four oaks, two flowers, a juliénas three holy love. Nine Côtes du Rhône, nine Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Chateauneuf-du-Pape 67, three vacqueyras. Nine maroon, a Bordeaux Claret, a Lamarzelle 64, three St.-Emilion, Saint-Emilion 61, September-pelting the castle 70, a castle-barrel 29, a castle-barrel 62, Castle-five Negro, Lalande- de-Pomerol, a Lalande de Pomerol 67, 64 a pill, six margaux 62, 68 Margaux, a Margaux 69, a saint? estèphe 61, a St. Julian 59. September Savigny-les-Beaune, three aloxe-Corton, Corton-a aloxe 66, Beaune 61, a white Chassagne-Montrachet 66, two Mercurey, a Pommard, Pommard a 66, two santenay 62, a Volnay 59.Chambolle-Musigny a 70, a Chambolle-Musigny Les Amoureuses 70, a Chambertin 62, a Romanee-Conti, Romanée-Conti a 64. A bergerac, two bouzy red, four Bourgueil, a chalosse, a champagne, Chablis, Côtes-de-Provence red, twenty-six Cahors, a Chanteperdrix four Gamay, two Madiran, a Madiran 70, a pinot noir, passetoutgrain a Pécharmant a saumur ten Tursan a Traminer, a Sardinian wine, no wine variety.

Nine beer, Tuborg two, four Guinness. Fifty-six armagnac, bourbon, calvados eight, a cherry eau-de-vie, six green chartreuse, a Chivas, four Cognac Delamain cognac, two Grand Marnier, a gin? Pink, an Irish coffee, a Jack Daniel, four marks, three marc de Bugey, a marc de Provence, a plum, plum nine of Souillac, a plum eau-de-vie, two pear williams, a port, a slivowitz, Suze one, thirty- six vodka, four whiskey. No coffee herbal tea three gingham


The original is here.    Translation by Google.

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