Summer 2002 Camping Trip: Oregon & Washington

June/July 2002

Oregon Coast

Washington Coast

Olympic National Park

Mt Rainier

Mt Hood

Mt Shasta (CA)

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We used Tom Stienstra's camping guides, (Pacific Northwest Camping, Foghorn Press) which are all inclusive and extremely accurate. Tom rates all his campgrounds 1-10 based on the setting. The campgrounds below were all 8, 9, or 10. I show his rating in ()'s

Campsites and places visited:

Oregon Coast:
* Sunset Bay, near Coos Bay (8) * Fort Stevens State Park (8)

Washington Coast: * Long Beach and Oysterville * Grayland State Park (8) * Olympic National Park Kalaloch Beach (10!!!) Would have stayed here all summer! Right on the beach! Campground mostly empty! * Neah Bay * Olympic National Park (Port Angeles) Heart o' the Hills Campground (10!!) Hurricane Ridge (5242')

Washington: Mt Rainier * Dalles Campground (10!!!)

Oregon: Mt Hood * Lost Lake Campground (9)

California: Mt Shasta (8) * McBride Springs Campground, Shasta/Trinity Forest Random information: - The campsites in Oregon and Washington are empty before July 4. The weather is changeable, so most folks don't go camping with the kids until after the 4th. We had no trouble driving into campgrounds and getting a site without reservations. Best if you get there before 2pm to grab your site. - The campsites in Oregon and Washington are exceptionally well taken care of, clean, and mostly devoid of drunken yahoos, unlike California. - This was the cheapest 2 week vacation we've ever taken. Average campsite was about $12. One was even free (no running water). - We could have stayed a week at Lost Lake! - Kalaloch Beach was the other amazing spot. Right on the beach! - It took 4 hrs approx to get to Redding from Oakland, arriving there at midnight. This is a good plan for the first night - get out of town after work and drive thru the night to a motel (reservation made). Get up the next morning and drive on. It took 5 1/2 hours to get home from Mt Shasta, down Hwy 5. - Astoria, Oregon is an interesting place to stop. Do see the Maritime Museum and have lunch or dinner at the Columbian Cafe - Driving down Hwy 97 from Yakima to where it joins Hwy 5 at Weed (CA) is a wonderful alternative to boring Hwy 5. You see much of the eastern side of the Cascades, which looks more like Arizona than Wash/Oregon! We went thru Madras and Warm Springs Ore (where there are now fires) and it was 115 degrees! - Fort Stevens, Ore (on the mouth of the Columbia River) is the best run campground we've ever seen. Even had an espresso stand! Wonderful place. - At Kalaloch we walked on a beautiful beach that went on for miles. At Hurricane Ridge we walked around in fog At Mt Rainier we hiked in snow At Mt Hood Lost Lake we hiked up 2000' to a butte in 90 degree heat to 4200' to view all the peaks, Mt Baker, Mt Rainier, Mt Hood, and Mt St Helens. (That hike took 2hrs up, but 40 min down. A cold Snapple never tasted so good!)

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